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Search Engine Optimization

Get Ranked, Get Clients: Simple as that.

It’s no surprise that Google runs the search game. Get ranked on Google, and people searching for you will find you.

Google is the king of the search game, at Stag Marketing we run full-fledged Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns to rank high on Google and set our clients up for a regular flow of inbound leads that are searching for EXACTLY what they are selling.

Google conducts 8.5 BILLION searches a day, your customers are there and they are looking for your services. If they don’t see you on the top of the rankings they most likely don’t know you even exist.

SEO is the ultimate long-term strategy for getting new clients in 2022 (and beyond!)

Exactly What We Do

SEO Timeline


First Month

During the first month, we work on your website on-page optimizations, this includes metadata, speed, headline optimization, and more! We also work on your Google Business Profile optimizations, this includes making sure your services are set correctly, Your business name, address, and phone numbers, hours are all correctly stated, upload any images that are needed or missing, and as well as other optimizations!

Month Two

We finish any on-page SEO that needs to be completed, We begin posting on your google business profile as well building up your business citations (putting your business in listing databases).

Months Three Through Six

We continue posting on Google Business Profile (GBP), We continue building business citations, and We begin link building (getting links pointed at your page to help rankings).

Months Seven+

We continue posting on GBP, We continue building business Citations, We continue link building - At this point we will be building up your on-page content, adding new pages and we see fit, adding blog content, any additional optimizations. Focus on additional keywords that may be lagging behind.

Some Of Our Client’s Results

SEO Results Profile

Industry: Electrician
Timeline: 01/24/22 – 05/08/22

SEO Results Profile

Industry: Tutoring
Timeline: 01/23/22 – 05/08/22

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