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Stag Marketing is an Advertising & Branding Agency Based in North Carolina


Facebook, Google, & Youtube allows hyper targeting of your potential customers! Paired with our All-In Booking Systems Your business will enjoy a new flow of inbound customers.

Website Design

We build awesome looking websites that not only look good, but bring in new customers, are highly searchable and on brand.


Look Good or Die Trying. When it comes to your brand, it is not just your logo and colors. We help bring all pieces of your brand: logo, website, copywriting, etc – into one dynamic curated brand powerhouse.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Be in the right position to succeed in search! Our LocalSEO programs will bring you great fortunes, and not just in a cookie.

Video Production

Video is not only the king of the future, it is super important, and should be the keystone in your content game. Whether you need “shorts” for your social media posts, specified short to medium-length videos for your advertisements, or long-form video content to deliver the whole story, we are the team that can conceptualize, shoot, edit, and execute your visions!

Social Media

Social Media is where your customers are. There are many forms of social media in today’s internet landscape, and we know exactly what content works on them. Let’s chat about what you are currently doing on social media and where we can help you take your social media to the next level.

We've worked with some awesome brands

Hyper-Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Facebook has been a powerhouse for advertisers in the past 7 years or so. You are able to find your potential clients using their hyper-targeting options as well as powerful retargeting using detailed tracking.

Instagram was originally seen as a place for Ecommerce Ads only, but has also shown to be an absolute stunner for local service ads as well. Instagram is extremely powerful if you have a visual product.

Google is the O.G. in the advertising game. With their data driven search engine marketing, you are able to find customers that are high-intent and ready to buy.

Although Youtube marketing has been around for long, in the past is was seen as a haven for tech giants to advertise. But in the past 2 years Youtube has come on the scene as a way to combine Google’s High-Intent Search mixed with video content to truly deliver a unique advertising experience.

TikTok is still being ignored by many advertisers even though their clients spend a majority of their time on the TikTok social media platform. Pretty crazy right!?!? Whether you believe it or not, your audience is more than likely consuming content here and TikTok should no longer be ignored.

Nextdoor is a great place to advertise for local business. It may not have the pizazz of the social media giants, but it is highly targeted as you can target specific neighboorhoods, kind of like the old days of putting a flyer on someone’s mailbox, but no printing costs, walking/driving in neighborhoods with people calling the police for soliciting your business.

Get booked appointments with your potential target market

When we run paid advertising campaigns for our clients, we do everything possible to get their target clientele as close as possible to the sale. With our 'All-In System' we deliver highly targeted qualified appointments onto our clients calendars.

This service is only for qualified business owners that are prepared to handle the amount of appointments we can get for them, if you are interested in a demo and seeing exactly how we scale other businesses, Click on the button below to apply.

Website Design

Beautifully Crafted Websites Catered To You

We build websites that not only look good, but convert

Your Website is pertinent in how your brand is perceived. The imagery, copywriting, and user experience all come into play when potential clients land on your website.

We Build Our Clients’ Sites on the WordPress Platform

You want New Customers, in order to do that they need to know you exist. We build websites on the wordpress platform for many reasons, but the most important is that it is a great platform for search engines to find your website and at the same time remain user friendly. We train all of our website clients exactly how to use their site and grow their businesses.




  • The action of marking with a branding iron.
  • “regulations concerning the branding, movement, and sale of cattle”
  • The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.
  • “the process of branding should be considered in global terms”
    Inquire About Branding

    Brand Name

    Choosing a name seems so simple, but a powerful brand name has a lot of parts and pieces to it.

    Logo Design

    We use a unique step-by-step process to work with our clients to develop a logo that works great for their brand.

    Identify Target Market

    Learn exactly who is going to purchase and get in depth knowledge of your buyers identity.

    Brand Positioning

    have your brand live in the mind of your customers, because you want them to think of you first!

    Brand Colors

    Colors have a lot of meaning and can affect how your brand may be perceived.

    Messaging Tone

    Some brands are Witty, some powerful, some soft, and some clean… There are many tones that can be made and choosing how your brand’s tone is perceived is an important task.

    Website Design

    Determine, where, when, how, and why your clients will come through inbound marketing.

    Content Strategy

    Where and how your target market will consume your brand.

    Local Search Engine Optimization

    Don’t just live on the internet, be searchable and get found by potential clients.

    Inbound Marketing is an effective strategy that a lot of businesses overlook. But once your strategies are in place and executed, they can have everlasting effects!

    Inquire About LocalSEO Programs

    On-Page SEO

    Searchable Content

    Customer Reviews

    Image Compression

    Link Building

    Technical SEO