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“There is no better time to advertise than right now”

– Somebody

Get that oh-so-sweet return on invest with profit first advertising campaigns

Stag Marketing started in the advertising game, it is our bread and butter and we create advertising campaigns that bring in the biscuits. Our advertising process is proven in many industries and we have the game plan to bring your marketing to the next level.

Our Advertising Process



The first thing we start with is a discovery call, this is where we will ask you the Who-What-Where-When-and How of your business, your ideal clientele, where you currently are and where you want to be!

Client, Customer, Competitive Research

We will research your company, your ideal clientele, your competition and more to help us start creating a solid plan to gain new clients on a regular basis.

Game Plan

At this point we come up with a game plan for your campaigns, conceptulize the creative, and start gathering resources.

Build Out

Now we take the game plan and build out your campaigns on the platform(s).

Review & Launch Call

After we build out your campaign we get on another call, go over the game plan with you, show you the creative, get your approval and launch your campaign.

Maintain, Change, Adjust

Truth is marketing campaigns are not a set it and forget it sort of situation, there is a bunch of work to do after the launch, we keep a close eye on all of the data and do what needs to be done to get the best possible ROI

Scale Campaign (To the Moon)

We are now rock-n-rollin' the next step is to scale it up, unfortunately its not as easy and doubling your ad spend, there are meticulous ways to scale campaigns and they differ from each platform.

Some Of Our Client’s Results

Crawl Space Repair Company

Average 20X+ ROI 2 years straight.

Platform(s): Google Search, Facebook, & Instagram


Personal Training Studio

Solo-prenuer went from working alone to hiring multiple trainers and opening 2nd location

Platform(s): Facebook & Instagram

Have more questions? ready to roll? Want to inquire about your next project?